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    Five elements of art

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    What are the 5 elements of art and describe each.

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    Shape, hue, texture, line, and value are the classic 5 elements of art.

    Shape describes, how images are either created in sculpture or in media like painting. The way that a shape can be formed can be organic or it can be mathematical. Sometimes, even an organic shape can have a mathematical value, such as creating spheres and other geometrical forms. Shape in a painting can be what helps define an artist's style, like Botero whose blocky style for the human form has become an identifiable characteristic in his work. Another example would be Picasso and Cubism, and the tall and spindly sculptures of Alberto Giacometti, all show an interesting use of shape.

    Hue is really color. Artists use Hue or lack thereof, to help create the mood of the work. Some art, such as watercolor, has ...

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