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    American Gothic by Grant Wood

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    In my assignment I need to complete the following.

    Art is described as being representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational and as having style, form, and iconography. Review the artworks found in the five links below and compose an essay covering the three major areas listed.

    Then in the link below I need explain why it is best described as representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational.
    Last, I need to provide an original analysis of its style, form, and iconography.

    Below is the link of the art that I have chosen to write about based on the instruction above. Please copy and past the link in to the web to view. If you have trouble doing so please let me know.

    American Gothic by Grant Wood, 1930

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    As you write your own assignment, I give you my notes and some research.

    First of all, since art is described as being representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational and as having style, form, and iconography, let's review the artwork found and cover the major areas listed.

    As you then use your own words to simply and clearly define these six key words, I define representational as art that stands for or "represents" real things. It is usually art that obviously looks like something familiar, I feel.

    When defining the term abstract, I think it refers to art that is more unconventional, more free, more imaginative, and more subject to interpretation.

    Unlike representational, which I feel is more "cut and dry," abstract is more playful, less restrained, wild, etc. What do you believe?

    Similarly, nonrepresentational art forms, I feel, are more abstract, free, maybe more symbolic than literal. To me, they defy forms, traditions, ...

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