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Investigating fraud

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At a recent staff training meeting, Joseph Bond, CFE, is discussing how to investigate fraud when a case calls for inquiry investigative methods. Search the Internet, and list and explain the various tools and techniques that are available for fraud investigator practitioners. Focus on 1 or 2 tools, explain how they are used, and mention their benefits. Include at least 1 other source from a credible professional and academic literature (journal/academic paper).

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This Web site lists tools private investigators should have as essential tools:
? Long Range Digital Camera - Pictures are a big part of the job. You have to make sure they are clear and of good quality. As well, it is much safer to take pictures from a distance with the use of a zoom.
? Compact Video Recorder - If you can get close enough, the use of Video Surveillance is the best evidence an investigator can gather. Can also be used for video security and intelligence.
? Binoculars - Being able to view a target from a distance is a great advantage
? Audio Recording ...

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