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    Briefly describe your own experiences with creativity. Without referring to any outside sources, how would you define creativity? Consider addressing the following questions in your paper:
    # a. What makes you creative â?" in what ways do you demonstrate creativity?
    # b. Does your own creativity occur under specific circumstances, or is it diffuse?
    # c. What leads you to recognize creativity in others?
    # d. Do any differences exist between you and a creative genius?

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    What a great assignment! Writing this paper will help you reflect on what you have learned in the course for which this paper is required, but most importantly, it will help create in you an understanding of how you see yourself and the world around you. If you do not feel at all creative, or do not see yourself that way, consider anything in your life that represents something new that you may not give yourself credit for. And the only research you need to do is from what is ...

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    Guidance is provided to help students to formulate a paper about one's own creativity.