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What technology had the biggest impact?

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Details: In the past two hundred years, the field of visual communications has been influenced by technological inventions. Select the invention that you think is most important and describe why. Be sure your post addresses these questions:

When did it happen?
How did this development change the way humans communicated?
What historical changes have occurred as a result of the development?
How has it changed the way you are able to design and work on projects now?

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When did it happen?
Niepce took the first photograph in 1825, but Louis Dauguerre perfected the first commercially viable photographic process in 1839.

How did this development change the way humans communicated?
For the first time, it did not require an artist to record an image - a machine could produce a faithful representation of the object of person - even more accurately than an artist could do so.

What historical changes have occurred as a result of the development?
The greatest immediate change was that artist were for the first time in history, freed from the obligation of recording images. They were finally free to INTREPRET what they saw, and ...

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What technological invention had the biggest impact on communications? Description and explanation.

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