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    What invention influenced visual communication the most?

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    In the past two hundred years, the field of visual communications has been influenced by technological inventions. Select the invention that you think is most important and describe why. Be sure your post addresses these questions:

    â?¢When did it happen?
    â?¢How did this development change the way humans communicated?
    â?¢What historical changes have occurred as a result of the development?
    â?¢How has it changed the way you are able to design and work on projects now?

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    The most significant invention to affect art has been the camera, attributed to Louis Daguerre, a Frenchman, invented in the year 1838, unveiled in 1839 (http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/dagu/hd_dagu.htm). For the first time in history, an artist was not required to capture an image. Therefore, since artists were freed from recording images, they were finally free to express themselves using their own interpretations of what they saw and felt, instead of being tied into what the thing actually looked like. With the camera, an exact likeness was obtainable, every time, without much waiting, except for the developing process. And, the developing process took considerably less time than it had previously taken an artist to capture the image in paint. It is noteworthy that the French ...

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    Discussion and justification of which technological invention had the greatest impact on visual communication in the last two hundred years.