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    Technological Advances During the Late Medieval Period

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    1. Invention of Artillery and Firearms

    2. Widespread use of Heavy Cannons

    3. Improvement of Guns and invention of Musket

    4. Life giving invention of Eye-glasses

    5. Magnetic compass, advances in ship building, map making and navigation equipments

    6. Invention of Clocks

    7. Invention of movable printing press

    8. Results of the New Technological Advances.

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    Late Medieval Advances in Technology
    The late medieval history was incomplete if some vital inventions were missed out. Unfortunately, the series of inventions began with the developments in artillery and firearms. The widespread warfare encouraged pursuance of advanced weapon systems.
    Even though, the gunpowder was originally invented by the Chinese, it created disastrous consequences during the late medieval period. The use of Heavy cannons which were prevalent during 1330 was risky. During the middle of the 15th century, it was greatly improved and changed the course of warfare in Europe. Heavy artillery played a crucial role in two leading wars. The fort of Constantinople was considered strong and unassailable. These defenses were easily broken through by the Ottoman ...

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    The technological advances during the late Medieval Period are discussed. Late Medieval Age witnessed the development of some epoch making discoveries like artillery, firearms, guns, eye-glasses, magnetic compass etc. New trade routes were opened between Italy and North. Clocks and movable printing presses were historical inventions in history of mankind. Europeans had conquered the globe with the help of advanced technology.