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Mathematics and the Medieval Era

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What are some key people and developments in regards to mathematics during the Medieval era?

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Math advances during the Medieval era are exemplified and validated with references as a guide.

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During the Medieval era, math began to flourish in Christian Italy as the interest with astronomy during this time also intersected.

Critics also reiterate how "The medieval period was a period of gradual mathematical development. In other ways it was a period of great philosophical shifts, not so much on the surface as the Roman Church dominated much of philosophy and all of religion but underneath, the old Aristotelian views began to erode. Though it would dominate education for many more centuries, certain notions began to be admitted. Most particularly, we see a lively discussion of the infinite, actual and potential" (http://www.math.tamu.edu/~dallen/masters/medieval/index.htm).

Gherard of Cremona (1114 - 1187) was a critical pioneer during this era. Research shows that Gherard's name is sometimes written as Gerard. "He travelled to Toledo, Spain to learn Arabic so he could read Ptolemy's Almagest, since no Latin translations existed at that time. He ...

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