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Italian Renaissance and Medieval West Period

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To what extent were climate and disease key factors in producing economic and social changes? (The Medieval West and The Italian Renaissance period)

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Climate and disease played an immeasurable role in producing the economic and social changes that eventually coalesced into the Italian Renaissance. Beginning the in early 14th century Europe began to experience extreme climate change resulting in famine and death for many throughout Europe as a result of little to no crop production stemming from the onslaught of cold temperatures not seen for nearly 3 centuries. This led to great famine and an exodus of many from the rural farms toward the city centers as this famine represented a colossal event within Medieval society. The climate change is considered by many historians to be a "mini-ice age" because prior to this event the areas affected including the Medieval West were warm environments conducive to farming. Another problem associated with this miniature ice age was flooding that ...

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