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    Chartres and Salisbury Cathedrals

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    Contrast the architecture of Chartres Cathedrals and Salisbury Cathedral. How does each cathedral reflect its regional style? What elements are similar? What elements are different, and why?

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    Chartres Cathedral and Salisbury Cathedral, both, are discussed at length at the following scholarly Web site, which will serve as a reference for any paper you may have to write on this topic.

    Chartres was originally built in 1145 AD Early Gothic style, but burned. It was rebuilt, all but the remaining west facade, in High Gothic style in 1194, after the fire. High Gothic includes high, soaring thin walls which are filled with stained glass windows, and which are supported on the outside of the structure with soaring flying buttresses. This enables the inside of the ...

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    Brief discussion of Chartres and Salisbury cathedrals, one in France, and one in England, with discussion about stylistic differences between the two and images from the reference Web site in the solution attachment document.