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    Bauhaus as a movement

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    In the twentieth century, there were several art movements and ideologies. For this assignment, research one of these movements: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus or International Typographic Style or Post Modernism. Describe the major characteristics of the movement highlighting these aspects:

    â?¢artists or designers popular in the movement
    â?¢works of art or design

    â?¢cultural, political, and/or social events that impacted the art

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    Bauhaus is a term referring to works produced by a group of architects and designers from 1919 to 1933, just prior to WWI. This web site has more information that I will provide here: http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/index.php?bauhaus-1919-1933-general-idea.

    Walter Gropius, and Ludwig Meis van der Rohe were two famous architect-designers associated with this movement, as was Le Corbusier from France. He was the one who called his residential home designs ...

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    Brief description of Bauhaus as a movement, what distinguished it, famous quotes related to appearance and design, famous designers, Web sites with images.