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    What is balance, and how is it achieved?

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    Explain how artists use size shape color texture and value to create visual balance

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    Visual balance is the concept of "equal visual weight" in a composition, whether that be a two or even a three dimensional piece of artwork. The idea of equal visual weight is so that the composition visually appears to have the same weight on both sides, or from top to bottom (divide the composition in half: horizontally, vertically or diagonally to determine visual balance).

    Artists can use various devices to accomplish this sense of visual balance. Sometimes this is done using Principles of art: rhythm, movement, pattern, contrast, emphasis, etc. Sometimes Elements of Art are used to achieve visual balance: color, line, value, texture, shape, form, perspective and scale. Sometimes artists combine the ...

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    Discussion of balance iin artworks, how it is achieved, and which is more interesting to look at.