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    Religion in the Modern World


    What are the value in global religions conflict?

    Global conflicts

    Please help answer the following question: What is the value in global conflicts?

    Deuteronomy 31: 1-8

    Deuteronomy 31:1-8.write about the knowledge you gain from these passages and specify how it relates to counseling.

    Peace and Conflict

    I need some help on these scenarios, especially in providing situation examples and resolutions: 1. Environment of a conflict 2. Intervening in a conflict 3. Preventing the conflict 4. Resolving the conflict 5. Containing the conflict

    Problem of Evil in Judeo-Christian Argument

    The Unit 3 lecture includes a discussion of the problem of evil as well as why it is a problem and some proposed solutions. It seems that none of these proposed solutions will satisfy everybody; the contradiction between God's goodness and the presence of evil seems to be insurmountable. To better understand the source of the pr

    God in Religions

    We know that there are several major religions of the world that state that there is but one God. It is a significant philosophical question whether or not these religions are all concerned with the same Supreme Being. For example: Do Christians and Jews worship the same God. Or Do they differ. What about the God of Muslims or t

    Potential Surprises in Major World Religions

    Discuss one aspect of a WORLD RELIGION that is not your own. In a post that is between 150 to 250 words: include each of the following: Describe one of their beliefs that surprised you because it was completely different from your original perception of that religion. Explain why you found the belief to be surprising and d

    Worship and Justice

    What is the relationship between justice and worship? Please provide extensive detail information inclusive of references. Thank you!

    Samuel the Prophet

    I need some help in finding out about Samuel I and II, including this information: 1. Who he is 2. What he did 3. Important stuff he was involved in

    Christians and Labor Unions

    Christians do not all think alike on whether or not a Christian should be in a labor union. Do you think it's right or wrong for Christians to be in and labor union List any source if there's one.

    Case Study for Christian Curriculum

    A hypothetical local church scenario is presented in Scenario 3, requiring analyzing and assessment of the current curriculum practices and presents a plan of action which solves the problem and establishes curriculum selection criteria. Instructions Below you will find a hypothetical local church scenario, outlining the ne

    Comparing Buddhism's Eightfold Path to Christianity

    Here is a thought-provoking bit from Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Living Buddha, Living Christ: "Buddhism emphasizes an Eightfold Path in the daily practice of the way." Read it, think about it comparing and contrasting Buddhism and Christianity.

    Understanding the Conscious Life

    Accepting the assumption that something is there rather than that nothing is there is said to be the beginning of conscious life. What is meant by this statement and why is it important to the meaning of life? See p. 19 http://www.amazon.ca/Naming-Elephant-Worldview-as-Concept/dp/083082779X.

    For a Muslim living in one of the first world countries (e.g. Germany, England, the United States, etc.), how feasible would it be to practice the Five Pillars of Faith? How are political and religious concerns related? How are they different? How should the two be coordinated? To what extent can a religious system bring about universal social and political harmony?

    1. For a Muslim living in one of the first world countries (e.g. Germany, England, the United States, etc.), how feasible would it be to practice the Five Pillars of Faith? Which of the Five Pillars would be most doable and which would be the most challenging? Think of different occupations that would present special obstacles

    Definition of religion

    Please help with the following problem. I want to understand more about criteria to come out with a good working definition of religion. The definition should be specific, free of personal opinion, not too narrow or too broad, and functional and substantive; and if there is anymore.

    Religion and Generational Differences

    1. Based on Internet research of reputable sources, what are the current generational differences in attitudes toward the role of religion in America? 2. Based on Internet research of reputable sources, what are the principal reasons for the proportional decline of Protestant denominations in contemporary America?

    System Theory of Church Administration

    In looking at the System Theory of church administration, how does church long range planning relate to organization structures inclusive of the combination of human, physical, and spiritual resources, the church influences, the political structure and polity of the church, and the processes the church uses. Some examples of or

    Managerial Finance & Relevant Scripture

    Several factors, both internal and external, impact a company's stock price, and the subsequent perceived valuation of a company. Sometimes that perceived value matches that of the financial statements, and other times it is vastly different. Therefore, discuss the factors that lead to a valuation of a company's worth compar