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Howard Thurman Theology of Praxis

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How do spiritual disciplines become an effective tool for social ministry/transformation, and how Christians understand/live the dialectical tension between mysticism and social action?

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Social ministry/transformation

1) Spiritual disciplines are an effective tool for social ministry/transformation for instance:
i) the sacrement is a social process whereby Christ is the transformer of culture, for example, the liturgical readings on hope/love offer motivation to change /to improve our life / to keep going. "Worship does is to form the character of the person or of the community and then that character determines the style of moral discernment" (Yoder, 1991 , p.34).
ii) In Corinthians, Paul instructs the congregation to hold a meeting in the power of the Spirit. Only a relative priority being given to the mode of prophecy speaks to ...

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Christians are called to live in a tension between mysticism and social action. Sacraments such as worship or sermons are to encourage social change and address the community and culture.