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    Howard Thurman's Social Action and Theology

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    What was Howard Thurman's theology on mysticism and liberation? Please provide a detailed description and references.

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    Howard Thurman on Mysticism and Liberation

    i) Thurman was considered a mystic. His mysticism goes alongside with his liberation theology.

    ii) He conceptualizes "the other" as our neighbour, thus the verse "Love your neighbour as yourself" Mark 12:31.
    Thus, society/community is our neighbour. Thus, we ought to be concerned about social injustices. Further, we are called by God to make social changes when there is social injustice.

    iii) One prominent social ill/injustice in Thurman's time was segregation and racial injustice. He met Gandhi and was impressed by his theology of liberation. Thurman understood liberation as freedom from oppression. Thus, as a good mystic, he understood to ...

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    This solution discusses Howard Thurman's ideas on social actions and theology, as well as how his mysticism goes alongside with his liberation theology. References are provided in the solution.