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    Praxis and Socratic Method

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    1. What are Praxis and the Socratic Method? How are they related?
    2. How does Cornel West model Praxis, in the tradition of Socrates?

    2 paragraphs each.

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    Praxis and Socratic Method

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    Firstly, it's going to be helpful to review a few terms. 'Praxis' is explicitly that which is practiced. Literally. In philosophy, one meaning of the word is how something is done; how an argument is made; how a conclusion is arrived at; etc. It is your 'practice' in order to engage a topic or subject. Let's say you want to argue that baseball is the truest 'American sport'; well, how do you present that argument? Do you use examples? Do you formulate a formal essay for submission in a journal? Do you simply decide to draw out someone's own 'innate ...

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    The Praxis and the Socratic Method are examined as to how they are related. How Cornel West model Praxis in the tradition of Socrates are examined.