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    The Socratic Idea and Self-Knowledge

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    1.What is the Socratic method? What is it designed to do? Try to illustrate this method with a concrete example.

    2.Socrates refers to the idea that we should "know ourselves." What does this mean? How do we pursue self-knowledge?

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    The Socratic Method

    What is the 'Socratic Method'? It is, basically, a method of establishing a position and presenting new meaning and knowledge on a particular topic via a dyadic exchange. Pioneered by Plato in his varied works, it always featured his teacher Socrates, debating certain ideas and positions on a host of interests and topics. To establish a particular idea, Socrates in the dialogue debates with another or several other 'characters' - each with their own idea. What emerges from the exchange is an establishment of new ideas where Socrates or the others push for their positions to be validated via debate. The purpose if to stimulate critical thinking, to push those debating to really look at a particular issue or topic and defense of positions - a dialectic exchange- becomes essential. In this manner, the essence of the knowledge established in the exchange becomes far stronger as ...

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