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    Religion in the Modern World

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    Issues and Traditions within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

    What are to the top two current issues facing each of the following religions: 1) Judaism 2) Christianity 3) Islam In addition, name & summarize two sacred traditions (e.g. holidays, sacred locations) for each of the previously stated religions.

    Terrorism and Islamic Religion

    I am interested in knowing more about Islamic terrorist groups. Specifically, what are the main Islamic terrorist groups, what are they about, and how are they perceived by non-Islamic people?


    1.What do we mean when we say that religion defines identity and guides relationships? 2. What are the definition and functions of myth? What do you think about the possibility of myth existing in religion or scripture? Would this change your beliefs in the authenticity of scripture or a particular religion? What different

    Ethics and Morality

    Ethics Questions 1) What does Virtual Ethics mean to you? Include ideas and concepts for virtue ethics that are new for you and have significantly enhanced your understanding of ethics. 2) Describe who deserves moral consideration. What is your take on the scope of morality? Using examples from your personal experience. H

    Discussion Topics

    Please give analysis of each topics below: How people experience and deal with the topics below. 1. Widow or Widowerhood 2. Dying a good death 3. Hospice care for the dying

    Prisoner's Dilemma Discussed

    Go to: http://www.princeton.edu/~mdaniels/PD/PD.html Answer the following questions: 1. What was the outcome of your game? 2. What strategies did you use? 3. Why were these strategies helpful? 4. Where did you go wrong and why? 5. What conclusions do you draw from this exercise? 6. What ethical theory does this exerci

    Ethics and Critical Thinking

    1. What does ethics mean to you? 2. What are some of the tools of critical thinking for ethics? Have you ever used these? How? 3. Describe some different beliefs about ethical living. Which ones do you tend to agree with more? Is is hard to live ethically? 4. What role do reason, emotion, and intuition play when making

    Moral or Immortal - Marriage, love and human society

    1. Jack, 21, and Barb, 20, have decided to live together for sexual pleasure and also because they enjoy each others company. Barb has decided to take birth control pills, and they have agreed to share the expenses. They have both agreed that if either one wants to break off the relationship, they will part amiably. Do you

    The Da Vinci Code Debate Rebuttals

    Could you list the The Da Vinci Code Debate Rebuttals? One of the debated issues is whether Jesus was married? Provide evidence that He wasn't. Thanks.

    Christ and the New Covenant

    Today some people say we are living in a post-Christian age? What does this mean? (Find a definition and give the source). In what sense might that be truw and what sense might that not be true?

    Prophets are examined.

    What does this tell on about the nature of the faith? Is such faith possible in the modern world?

    Humanism is explored.

    What is the basic definition of Humanism? How would you define "Christian" Humanism? Humanism defies any form of authoritarianism, why? What are the positive uses of acceptable "authority" in religon and the exercise of "authoritarianism"? What is the difference between being a humanist as opposed to being an atheist or

    Ethical Behaviors of the Christian On Display for Critique

    In recent years the universal church of Christ has started to embrace the vision of 'Marketplace Ministry'. Many Christians are now seeing themselves as marketplace ministers, but are we really? Are we to be considered marketplace ministers because we call ourselves by that name?

    Latin America and the Role of Religion

    Summarize the role of religion in Latin America. Do you think the church has played a significant role in Latin America? Why or why not? This is a hard question for me to answer, I was hoping for some insight or an opinion and references for more info.

    Religion in America

    How has the practice of religion been shaped by American ideals, culture, social norms, politics, and the economy? What have been the major strands of religious growth in America? What have been the greatest challenges to religion and religious practice in America, particularly through our Constitutional mandate of "separation o

    Pierre Theilhard de Chardin

    Why did religious or faithful people of his day reject the scientific theory of evolution? Why is science seen as threatening to ones faith in God?

    Atheism and Agnosticism

    Explore the differences between atheism and agnosticism, and the relations between them. An article of other infromation would be helpful to help get me started on this assignment. Thank you.