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An explanation into the role of religion in Latin America

Summarize the role of religion in Latin America. Do you think the church has played a significant role in Latin America? Why or why not?

This is a hard question for me to answer, I was hoping for some insight or an opinion and references for more info.

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The role of religion in Latin America

In order to approach this topic, you will need to research the influence of the Catholic Church in Latin America. Yes, there are other religions in Latin America, but the dominant one that has influenced Latin America since the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the early 1500s has been Catholicism.

I will describe one way in which Catholicism has influenced life in Latin America. The rest you can research on your own. You will not hear much about this one way, but it is probably the most all-encompassing way. It involves the role of the local church and the local parish priest. Specifically, it deals with the "confessional" ...

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A candid look at the role of Catholicism in Latin American culture and society, the role of the local parish priest, and the powerful tool of the confessional.