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Moral or Immortal - Marriage, love and human society

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1. Jack, 21, and Barb, 20, have decided to live together for sexual pleasure and also because they enjoy each others company. Barb has decided to take birth control pills, and they have agreed to share the expenses. They have both agreed that if either one wants to break off the relationship, they will part amiably.

Do you think what they are doing is moral? In your opinion, what problems could arise from this arrangement? Justify your answers with reason.

2. Victor works with Jeremy, whom he always considers to be smart, witty and athletic. One night Jermey invites him to his apartment that he shares with Russ. Victor is shocked to learn that the two are lovers. They do not appear effeminate. They are not child molesters either, nor do they march in gay parades. They only have a quiet relationship.

Is what they are doing moral? Why or why not? What if they did march in gay parades?

3. A small city has one street that has several stores selling pornorgraphic films, books, and devices. The managers at the stores do check IDs, to make sure that no one underage comes in. However, certain religious groups want to have the license of these stores revoked because they are of the opinion that such stores ae a bad influence on the community.

Should the licenses of these stores be revoked because what they are doing is immoral? Why or why not?

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In reference to the three scenarios, this solution discusses the morality of certain decisions related to marriage, love and human society issues.

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