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Motivation, fulfillment of basic needs

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We are genetically programmed to be motivated to seek food, love and sex, and numerous environmental influences can alter these genetically-based motivations.
The question I am having trouble answering is:

How genetically-based motivations can be impacted by environmental influences?

I have chosen one motivation to write about and that is love.
Some questions that will help answer my inquiry are:

What is the cultural definition of love?
How does this differ from your definition?
How are relationships defined by our culture? How is marriage portrayed?
Please cite sources.

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How genetically-based motivations can be impacted by environmental influences.
Basic motivation for survival can be satiated when food, water, air and shelter are provided throughout one's life. A need to procreate is satiated if a companion is available, at a developmental stage, where human beings can procreate.
Various life span and developmental theories from evolutionary biology, psychological and sociological sciences have supported the complex of human motivations. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is one sample of how human-beings' motivational needs are divided into prioritized ...

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Genetics, motivation, basic needs, environmental influences

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