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Self-Determination Theory

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What is the relationship between job fit (i.e. how well a person is suited for his job), individual motivation, and the pursuit of organizational objectives? Explore the role of self-determination theory (Gagne & Deci, 2005) in job fit and its utility for leaders in establishing organization-level motivation strategies.

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The job fit concept refers that the person is suited for the job that affects organizational outcomes. Along with this, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation influences the satisfaction level of a person towards a job, and satisfied employees are helpful to achieve organizational objectives. In this, the relationship between job fit, individual motivation, and organizational objectives will be discussed. In addition of this, the role of self-determination theory in job fit and its utility for leaders in establishing organization-level motivation strategies, will be described.

There is a strong relationship between job fit and organizational objectives. Job fit means that individuals perceive their values aligned with the organization's value. Job fit at the individual level is seen as positive, producing higher commitment, job satisfaction, and a lower intention to leave. It is beneficial for organizations to achieve their objectives and goals (Gagne & Deci, 2005). Job fit is usually determined by the fit interaction type. For a good job fit, it is important that the knowledge, skills, and abilities of a person are suited according to the demand of the job. Along with this, the personality traits and values of a person are used in his assessment of complementary fit in the organization.

There are two types of job fit, such as complementary fit and supplementary fit. Complementary fit occurs when a person or an organization is provided according to the needs and wants of others. It focuses on several organizational and personal attributes (McPherson, 2008). For example, job fit would occur when an organization offers tangible and non-tangible rewards according to employee's needs and wants. ...

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The solution discusses the self-determination theory.

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