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    Love, Marriage, Sex, Divorce

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    Is romantic love universal as a reason for marrying? How might it be beneficial to not expect love to occur until after marriage? Is love a social construct? Is love really sexual attraction? If love is important then why do people divorce for other reasons?

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    Love & Marriage: A social Construct?

    When Max Weber wrote about the Protestant Ethic, he explored the established social practices, beliefs, behaviour, philosophies and viewpoints that Protestants consciously take up and practice to become 'part of the Protestant Community'. Protestantism is a 'social paradigm', a way of doing things, of living, a code of ethics and morality and because one becomes a Protestant and grew up in a household and community that extols Protestant virtues, the social reality that one lives is naturally that of a Protestant Construct. In other words, issues, for example, of marriage, virginity, pre-marital sex, love, courtship and post-marital behaviour and relations are subject to the Protestant moral code and fervent protestant consciously incorporate this Moral Code in the way they live due to their desire to 'be good', to be virtuous in the eyes of the Church, God and their community.

    Now, is love universal? Certainly, the notion of 'love' has many meanings and the social-scientific explanation as well as biological study of the ...

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