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Current Issues in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

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What are to the top two current issues facing each of the following religions:

1) Judaism
2) Christianity
3) Islam

In addition, name & summarize two sacred traditions (e.g. holidays, sacred locations) for each of the previously stated religions.

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Judaism: One of the major issues facing Judaism is the current trend among the diaspora Jews to forsake Judaism and assimilate within the Gentile culture in which they live. This is a grave and serious concern. So, the challenges are big. How does a community deal with the ever-growing trend to abandon or forsake the religious foundations of his people? The second big challenge has to do with the necessity to defend the State of Israel against the Islamists who are bent on its destruction. This is a two-fold challenge because there is political pressure from outside Israel to cave in to the Palestinian demands, and also there is pressure from within the nation to abandon its land in favour of appeasement. This crisis has everything to do with the secular nation of the State of Israel---approximately 70% of Israeli citizens are non-religious.

Christianity: One of the greatest challenges facing Christianity today has to do with the ever widening rift between the waning interest of Catholicism in the western world (English-speaking) world and the growing interest in it among the Latin, African, and Asian nations. This disparity in conviction and commitment is putting plenty of internal strain on the hierarchy within the Church. ...

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I provide a written account of the major problems facing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the world today. In order to understand some of the tension between these groups, we must understand their historical issues.

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A. Identify and briefly summarize what you believe to be the top two current issues facing each of the following religions:

1) Judaism
2) Christianity
3) Islam
b. Identify at least two sacred traditions, such as holidays, sacred locations, manner of dress, and so forth, for each of the previously stated religions. Then summarize per tradition, the significance and major characteristics of each tradition selected.

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