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Pierre Theilhard de Chardin

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Why did religious or faithful people of his day reject the scientific theory of evolution? Why is science seen as threatening to ones faith in God?

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The following remarks should help clarify to the student why the religious faithful of P. Teilhard's day rejected the theory of evolution and why science might be seen as a threat to one's faith in God. These remarks are intended to be introductory and to help direct the student toward possible avenues of further research.

To begin, science and faith are based on two different fundamental beliefs. Science is based on a sort of naturalism that sees humanity as inherently good and rational. Religion (of which faith is a part), especially Christianity, sees humanity as inherently fallen, therefore sinful and irrational. For religion, it is only through /imago Dei/, or the image of God, that humans can be good and rational. So the ...

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Why the religious or faithful people of his day rejects the scientific theory of evolution is determined. The expert determines why science seen as threatening to one's faith in god.

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