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    The Da Vinci Code Debate Rebuttals

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    Could you list the The Da Vinci Code Debate Rebuttals? One of the debated issues is whether Jesus was married? Provide evidence that He wasn't. Thanks.

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    Was Jesus Married?

    There is no evidence to prove that Jesus was married. There is also no evidence to prove that he was not married. That has not stopped some scholars from citing various texts as suggesting that Jesus was, in fact, husband to Mary Magdalene, a claim fundamental to the "Da Vinci Code" story. But in truth, this textual evidence is ambiguous at best.

    The New Testament does not mention Jesus having a wife, and even in other ancient writings from that time--where Mary Magdalene is often described as having a particularly close relationship with Jesus--she is never called Jesus' wife. An argument from silence, however, is not proof that he was unmarried.

    Many have argued that Jesus must have been married, since this was the norm for Jewish men in his time. Additionally, in the Gospel of Mary, a second-century text telling of Jesus' post-resurrection dialogues with the apostles, Jesus' disciples ask Mary Magdalene, "Sister, we know you were greatly loved by the Savior, as no other woman. Therefore tell us those words of the Savior which you know but which we haven't heard." Later in the text, Peter challenges Mary's teaching, and is rebuked by Levi, "If the Savior considered her to be worthy, who are you to disregard her? For he knew her completely and loved her steadfastly." These lines could imply that Jesus and Mary had an intimate romantic relationship. However, the context of this dialogue relates to apostleship; at issue is who is worthy of going out and spreading the gospel, and whether or not a woman could or should fill that role. Levi insists that Mary was not only a disciple, but the best one. There is no indication that the love between Jesus and Mary was a romantic love.

    Who was Mary Magdelaine?

    According to ...

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    This solution discusses the The Da Vinci Code Debate Rebuttals. It also provides Biblical evidence that Jesus was not married.