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The Inventiveness of Leonardo Da Vinci

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I must prepare a paper on The Inventiveness of Leonardo Da Vinci. Please help me figure out what I should include.

This is for a course on Early Modern Europe (1500-1815) and is for a 2nd year University level course.

Just looking for help in preparing an outline for an essay. I've set the deadline for 12 hours as im trying to get a quick response so I can get started but I can extend it.

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This solution discusses the inventiveness of Leonardo Da Vinci. The explanation is given in 201 words.

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Hello from Cleveland, Ohio.

You have a great topic upon which to report because DaVinci was truly a visionary and you must be one as well when discussing his attributes. So...don't be afraid to go out on a limb here. :-)

OK...First offer your own definition of what constitutes creativity, regardless of area.

Second describe DaVinci ...

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