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Religion in the Modern World

Albl offers several principles for approaching faith and science. Which 2 principles do you find most relevant and why? How does the work of Teilhard relate to the concept of the NOMA? Would Teilhard be a good example of this principle?

Albl offers several principles for approaching faith and science. Which 2 principles do you find most relevant and why? How does the work of Teilhard relate to the concept of the NOMA? Would Teilhard be a good example of this principle? Principles for approaching faith and science - Albl 1. Realize that scientists do not

Biblical Creation Theory

Would you help me to get started on a paper that talks about the creation of the earth in the Biblical sense of how the earth was created versus how some archeologists say it was formed?

Research Analysis & Research Validity: Celebrating the Divine Female

Analyze and include an annotated bibliography for the article 'Celebrating the Divine Female' (Janet Chawla, http://www.boloji.com/wfs/wfs082.htm). The analysis needs to address the article adherence to research process components and logic. The article must be qualitative. What are some of the ways a research design can be mo

Power of prayer

Write a detailed discussion on your understanding of the power of prayer or lack thereof in the healing process. Give your rationale for your perspective, making it as strong as possible to persuade others

Healing Hospital

(1) Explain the paradigm of the Healing Hospital. (2) Consider the ramifications and challenges of this paradigm, given the many spiritual perspectives of caregivers and patients. (3) Evaluate the reasonableness of such a paradigm. Specifically answer the question: How reasonable is this philosophy of care giving?

Morale Studies: Discrimination

Statement:"During economy recession, most of the factories retrenched the local workers and only hire foreign labors, in order to cut down labor cost." Discuss the issue of discrimination from the perspective of the below: 1) Existentialism 2) Egoism 3) Christianity 4) Buddhism. - From the perspective of theories / r

Moderation in Church

Is moderation a truly felt religious conviction for churches, or is it a matter of social necessity in order to bring in followers?

Religion and philosophy

Religion and philosophy both address many of the same questions. (Is there a god? Is man good or evil? etc) Both look for some form of enlightenment or ultimate truth. What is the difference in the approaches that these two disciplines take when investigating these questions?

Buddhism in Modern Medicine

Please explain the role of the Buddhist in Health and Wellness (Buddhism in Modern Medicine). Preferably use the following link: http://www.changesurfer.com/Bud/BudBioEth.html

Religion in the workplace today is contemplated.

The following questions are posed: 1) How many religious traditions are included among your co-workers, associates and/or customers and/or clients? Identify them. 2) What impact do you see these religious traditions having on your personal relationship with them? Why? 3) What is your belief system and what impact does it have

Effective prison ministry

How do you start a prison ministry? How do you maintain a prison ministry? How do you grasp/make sure they stay strong Christians once they get out of prison?

Functionalist & Materialistic Perspective

When comparing the functionalist and materialistic perspectives, is the Durkheim and the functionalist always a promoter of religion, or does he also out to deconstruct it? Which theoretical framework is more amicable to religion? Explain your reasoning.

Analysis of the Movie The Passion of the Christ

I need a couple of question answered so that I may continue with my studies of religion. If you could expand on the questions, I would greatly appreciate it. After viewing the movie, The Passion of the Christ, I cannot seem to come up with the answers to these questions. 1) How the different "worlds" of the New Testament

Issues and Traditions within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

What are to the top two current issues facing each of the following religions: 1) Judaism 2) Christianity 3) Islam In addition, name & summarize two sacred traditions (e.g. holidays, sacred locations) for each of the previously stated religions.

Terrorism and Islamic Religion

I am interested in knowing more about Islamic terrorist groups. Specifically, what are the main Islamic terrorist groups, what are they about, and how are they perceived by non-Islamic people?


1.What do we mean when we say that religion defines identity and guides relationships? 2. What are the definition and functions of myth? What do you think about the possibility of myth existing in religion or scripture? Would this change your beliefs in the authenticity of scripture or a particular religion? What different

Ethics and Morality

Ethics Questions 1) What does Virtual Ethics mean to you? Include ideas and concepts for virtue ethics that are new for you and have significantly enhanced your understanding of ethics. 2) Describe who deserves moral consideration. What is your take on the scope of morality? Using examples from your personal experience. H