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    Ultimate good: God-centered versus human-centered.

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    Secular Humanists feel that, "The good is not what some abstract God dictates, but what contributes to the liberation, growth, and progress of human beings. Instead of being God-centered, we should be human-centered" (Veith, 1994. p. 71). What do you think about this statement?

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    Essentially, as with most issues regarding the meaning of life, God, life after death and origins the key is to determine the basic assumptions that people are basing their beliefs on.

    I believe it is fair to say that secular humanists hold the following assumptions:
    1. There is no God or if some type of god exists he/she/it is an impersonal force incapable of having a relationship with man.

    2. We are the highest evolved animal on the planet and as such are masters of it. We enjoy near god-like status.

    3. The individual is the ultimate standard for determining right and wrong, good and evil.

    4. All truth is relative therefore no absolute standards can be ...

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    This discussion focuses on ultimate good. Does God determine what is good or do humans make that decision. Should we live God-centered lives rather than human-centered lives in order to achieve the most good in life? Over 550 words of original text. This solution is from my perspective after 12 years of teaching religious and social studies.