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1) Existentialism 2) Egoism 3) Christianity 4) Buddhism.

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Statement:"During economy recession, most of the factories retrenched the local workers and only hire foreign labors, in order to cut down labor cost."

Discuss the issue of discrimination from the perspective of the below:

1) Existentialism
2) Egoism
3) Christianity
4) Buddhism.

- From the perspective of theories / religions, is the action of discrimination being viewed as right / wrong doing? and why?

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I have given you basic definitions and thoughts regarding each of the 4 topics, as well as sources for further reading. If you think about the statement above, analyze first what is inherently discriminatory about the idea of cutting labor cost by excluding a group of people; then - take the basic views of each of the 4 topics, and develop your thesis around. I'd suggest a basic 6 paragraph essay: 1) Introduction to the problem of discrimination and define; 2) Discrimination and Existentialism, 3) Discrimination and Egoism, 4) Discrimination and Christianity, 5) Discrimination and Buddhism, and then 6) Compare, contrast, tie together and conclude.

1) Existentialism - Concept that takes the individual as a living, feeling, acting, believing and examining ...

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These areas are highlighted" 1) Existentialism 2) Egoism 3) Christianity 4) Buddhism.

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