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Prison Ministry

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How do you start a prison ministry? How do you maintain a prison ministry? How do you grasp/make sure they stay strong Christians once they get out of prison?

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Among society's most forgotten are its incarcerated men and women, many of whom are lonely, angry, fearful, and discouraged. Most admit they made a poor choice that changed their lives. Many are remorseful; a few are not. All are faced with the choice to change their inner lives. Prisoners grapple with how to turn to God and with who will help them.
The inmates find themselves relating to family, friends, and community with caution, shame and guilt. Some no longer have the support of family, friends, and community. They are forced to reevaluate their priorities. Time becomes the focus for prisoners, as motivation and boredom fluctuate. Their thoughts often center on time for meals, recreation, their work or education detail, and perhaps time for chapel and religious activities

Almost every city or large political subdivision has a local lockup or county jail. This temporary
holding activity is used to detain men and women who are awaiting trial or legal hearings. Many of
these jails are old, overcrowded and dirty. Often short prison sentences are actually served in these
institutions. All types of prisoners can be found here from the first offenders to the hardened criminal.
As a result, this ministry offers an ...

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The following posting discusses tips on how to start and maintain an effective prison ministry.

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