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    Fowler's stages of faith

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    1. Apply the general definition of faith to a relationship in your life, showing the basic definition and the 8 characteristics.
    2. If faith is a gift from God, what does it mean to have faith?
    3. If faith is a gift from God, what part, if any, do humans play in their salvation?
    4. At what level do you see yourself in Kohlberg's moral development and Fowler's faith development scheme? Why?
    5. How are faith and morals related?

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    1. Look at the 8 characteristics and think of an example from when you were growing up of a relationship you had with someone. For example, a parent, grandparent, other relative, coach if you played sports, teacher, scout or 4H leader. A general definition of faith is having trust or confidence in a person or thing. (dictionary.com) Another general definition from the same source (dictionary.com) is belief that is not based on proof. Compare these definitions with the one your instructor gave or your textbook. So, you could write a couple of paragraphs on how you trusted _________________ while growing up because __________________. Compare that relationship to the 8 characteristics. As people are growing from children to ...

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