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Worship and Justice

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What is the relationship between justice and worship?
Please provide extensive detail information inclusive of references.
Thank you!

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The relationship between worship and justice is fairly open. Many denominations differ on that relationship, and I'm sure you'd have your own opinion as well. So to keep you from being pigeonholed, I'll try my best to give the widest range of options possible for that relationship.

Much of this hinges on a branch of the church's definition of "justice." Some branches will see this concept fulfilled primarily in the crucifixion, and only the crucifixion. The reasoning for this, to them, is that to view anything else as open to fulfilling justice would take away from the maximum possible justice one could attribute to God. This has its merits; it has the potential to focus faith, to fully develop the meaning and representation of God's activity in Christ, etc. According to this application of the term "justice," worship would therefore mean adoring, to use the current terminology, "Christ's finished work on the cross." Anything that does not focus on this act of justice in ...

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Myriad interpretations of the relationship between justice and worship of God in Christianity are given brief overview, with example theologians for consultation.