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God in Religions

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We know that there are several major religions of the world that state that there is but one God. It is a significant philosophical question whether or not these religions are all concerned with the same Supreme Being. For example: Do Christians and Jews worship the same God. Or Do they differ. What about the God of Muslims or the God of the Sikhs?

We must remember to focus on the attributes of God rather than on matters of doctrine regarding which are true scriptures and who are the messengers of God.

Choose two of the sources listed below one Christian and and one for the other monotheistic websites that describe attributes of God.

Decide, and state whether you believe that the two faiths worship the same God.

State one or two reasons for your decision.

Cite the two sources that you used.









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While this question is debatable (open to opinion either way), if the question seems to be more troubling than expected there are easier ways to handle it than others. For example, the argument has been made several times with good reason that the God of the Jewish people and the God of the Christian Church ...

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The concept of worshiping a similar God amongst varying religions is touched upon in-brief.

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Please add reference and quote text that is directly used from source.

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