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The Book of Psalms

Your task is to give a summary of the book of Psalms first by identifying and explaining its genre. Then give the key themes, major events, and major personalities.

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The Book of Psalms is a collection of prayers, hymns and poetry describing themes such as: (a) God and His creation,(b) war, (c) worship, (d) wisdom, (e) and (f) sin and evil,(h) judgment and justice and (i) the coming of the Messiah (Psalms 22:1; Ps 110:4). The book is divided into five sections: Book 191-41); Book 2 (42-72); Book 3 (873-89); Book 4 (90-106), and Book 5)107-150). Each of the sections ends with a prayerful praise. Psalms illustrates a literary style of parallelism(Klein, Blomberg, & Hubbard, 2004). As Klein et al. explain, the prayer opens with an invocation to God expressing confidence and faith (Psa. 22. 3-5), and the ...

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This solution discusses the Book of Psalms by highlighting the overall theme of this literature, along with identifying key themes, personalities and events. This solution is approximately 387 words and includes three references.