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Explain Shame

Hi, Our study group was told to understand the concept of shame in the Book of Psalms: well, we have found a number of verses like Psalms 83,14.6; 22.6 (5); 25.2, 3, 20; 31.2 (1), 18 (17); 37.19; 44.16 (15); 69.7 (6), 20 (19); 71.1; 89.46 (45); 119.6, 31, 46, 80, 116; 127.5 but outside of the verses themselves that we found, we haven't found any other sources that give an easy to understand "explanation of shame" regarding the Book of Psalms. Can somebody help us?

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God intended that each person He crated be filled with a sense of His Glory. Glory can be defined as a feeling of dignity, great value of being, acceptability and legitimacy. The opposite of Glory is shame. Shame can be defined as a feeling of lack of dignity, worthlessness of being, ...