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Potential Surprises in Major World Religions

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Discuss one aspect of a WORLD RELIGION that is not your own. In a post that is between 150 to 250 words: include each of the following:

Describe one of their beliefs that surprised you because it was completely different from your original perception of that religion.

Explain why you found the belief to be surprising and different.

Include a source or sources for your information. Be sure that your source is a primary source (One maintained by members of the faith you are discussing).
Please note, as stated in the syllabus: Catholics, Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses are considered Christian. So, please do not choose one of these unless you are of a faith other than Christianity.

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If you're looking for ideas as to what kind of doctrinal points to use, someone might consider those that are the most different in comparison. This would also be easy to explain as far as personal "surprise." For example:

- The Christian ...

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A few major potential surprises in the differences between religions are listed as a means of initial brainstorming.

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