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    Grace and the Law

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    Our religious group having a discussion pertaining to the following, can you offer some feed back ;

    In my discussion group we are discussing one aspect in Romans 12-14 in which Paul's portrait of Jesus provides a way of bridging the gap between Christians who think and talk differently about their relationship with God than other Christians do. Can you share your fresh thoughts on this topic of discussion. We are also discussing Paul's Letter to the Galatians which is filled with anger, as he insists against claims by other Christians!, that Gentile Christians are FREE from needing to obey Torah Law. He nonetheless expects that Gentile Christians will live in ways that that are morally indistinguishable from Jewish Christians who continue to obey Torah Law. Can you share some fresh ideas on What, for Paul, makes that possible? And is there any evidence in Paul's Letter to the Galatians to support this.

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    It is true that there exists a perpetual need to remind Christians (or people of any faith, for that matter) the ultimate inconsistency between believing one thing and acting out another. The wonderful thing about the Pauline discussions on the subject is that they provide an immediate address of this issue, so that such a need can also be perpetually revisited as often as necessary.

    One of the main contributing factors to the perceived "problem" behind the gospel message is that the gospel that Paul insists on spreading is infused with grace as a foundation; as he says, in other ...

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    The delicate yet radical message of Paul as regards grace and the Torah is discussed, somewhat in brief. 410 words.