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    Peace and Conflict

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    I need some help on these scenarios, especially in providing situation examples and resolutions:
    1. Environment of a conflict
    2. Intervening in a conflict
    3. Preventing the conflict
    4. Resolving the conflict
    5. Containing the conflict

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    As there are no specific situations or questions you have on this large topic Conflict Resolution, I will give some examples and make general comments. If you specific questions, please feel free to ask more questions. As well, I will be writing from a Christian perspective

    Peace and Conflict Resolution
    1. Environment of a conflict- personal conflicts can occur in marriages. Often, in romantic relationships the difficulty lies in how to confront the conflict. One common problem seen in marriage therapy is the inability to confront conflict. Both parties start dating process with ignoring the conflict or brushing it aside. Once married, the conflict keeps coming up and the old method of ignoring it or appeasing it no longer works. For instance, Mary and John are opposites in cleanliness. Mary is super tidy and neat while John is the polar opposite. Mary often held her tongue in the beginning of the ...

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    This solution explores peace and conflict methods from a forgiveness and Christian love perspective.