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organizational conflict

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What is the culture-related problem of Israel Palestinian conflict?

Recommendations of Israel Palestinian conflict.

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Culture and organizational conflict
What is the culture-related problem of Israel Palestinian conflict? (3pages)
The culture-related problems of Israel Palestinian conflict are related to several factors. One of the important casue of culture related problem is the difference in language. The Palestine Arabic is a Levantine Arabic dialect subgroup spoken by the Palestinians. This is different from the language spoken by the Israelis war originally Palestinian Jewish Aramaic and Palestinian Christian Aramaic literature. The Israeli language has traces of Hebrew. Now those who spoke and used Aramaic, and Jewish, changed over to the Arab language. This was perceived as linguistic Arabization and resented by Israel. Further, there are differences in customs in Palestine and those customs in Israel.
However, the strongest culture-related problem of Israel- Palestine conflict is the religious problem. In Judaism there are varied groups and beliefs within the Jewish tradition. However, in early 20the century there were belligerent Jews that did not accept the idea of a Jewish homeland without the putting up of the Jewish law. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook advocated the formation of a Jewish Palestine and resettlement in Jerusalem. There were efforts made to buy the Wailing Wall from the Muslims that owned it. In 1967 and later in 1980 religious recognition and representation became important in the nationalist movements. In 1967 one of the objectives of the conflict was the liberation of East Jerusalem and control over its religious sites important to three religion groups. This was a religious action but Gaza was occupied and more than one million Palestinians were now under Israeli control. The conflict over territory now from the ...

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