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    Conflict Management in the Church

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    How do we understand conflict management of difference in the church? apa

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    Conflict management in the church

    Pastors need to understand the following concepts to best management conflict and differences in the church body:

    1. Conflict starts in the heart
    -are we being judgmental? does the conflict come from our own feelings of jealousy, pride, hatred, or anger?
    - how do we deal with these feelings? seek those people to affirm and justify our anger, pride or jealousy? or do we place it in God's hand?
    - are these feelings speaking more of worship of self, or worship of God? What is the root of our demands? the root of these negative feelings? Is our ego hurt? (I Cor. 2:10-15; Phil.2:13)

    2. Controlling our tongue and using our words wisely
    - often many conflicts in the church and differences of opinions or our close-mindedness comes from gossip, lies, ...

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    The solution examines dealing with conflict in the church- such as management of differences. References are provided in APA format to aid in the understanding of the question.