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    Psychological Therapies

    Primary Determinants of Performance in Jobs

    We've studied some aspects of motivation. We've discussed personality. Finally, we've discussed job characteristics. Which of these, in your opinion, is the primary determinant of performance in most jobs? Support your decision with anecdotes drawn from your personal experience, the experiences of others.

    Psychological theories of motivation

    Please read Tauer (2009) @ http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/goal-posts/200906/latrell-sprewell-pizza-hut-intrinsic-motivation. Then please sum up in 1000 words addressing the following questions raised by Tauer (2009): Why do external rewards sometimes backfire? When are external rewards most effective in motivating peo

    Psychological characteristics of jobs

    Please evaluate your current job using the JCM, and calculate the Motivating Potential Score (MPS). Does the JCM give a realistic view of your job's motivating potential? Why or why not? Support your discussion with at least four sources, suitably cited and referenced.

    Trends in Psychological Measurement: Item-Response Theory (IRT)

    An outcome of increasing computer technology is that item-response theory (IRT) is becoming increasingly easy to apply. New software and fast and inexpensive computers are readily accessible. This has made possible the development of item banks and computer administration that can be carefully matched to an examinee's ability le

    Psychological Techniques

    Please help me with this assignment: To prepare for this discussion, select one of the following techniques that you might be interested in using: silence, role-playing, empty chair, relaxation, imagery, or transference. Give a brief description of the technique you selected and explain why you might be interested in using

    How Medical Conditions Mimic Psychological Disorders

    Can someone help me with an example of how medical conditions might mimic psychological disorders? I also have to explain two ways to minimize instances of misdiagnosing a medical condition as a psychological disorder. In addition, I have to explain what actions I might take within the scope of personal competency if I do suspec

    Examples of Psychological Tests

    List the major categories of tests, giving one example for each category. When giving your example, list the users of the test and a use for the test. Choose one example by giving some personal knowledge or experiences. Your response should be concise, yet detailed enough. Response should be between 200-300 words. This i

    Cognitive Interventions Among Older Adults

    Cognitive Interventions among Older Adults: an article that is about the trends in psychological research methodology. Summarize an article and critically think about what the article is presenting. What is the impact or implications of the research methodology related trend in the article?

    Classical vs. Operant Condition

    Compare and contrast the main principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Provide an example of when classical conditioning may be useful. Provide an example when operant conditioning may be useful.

    Eclectic Approach: Preferred Therapies?

    Since there is no one theory/therapy that applies to all people, eclecticism is the ideal manner in which to provide therapeutic treatment. When the therapist uses an eclectic approach, it is important that they stay current in their variety of theories used. Most therapists prefer two or three therapies. Which two or three theo

    Psychological Assessment- Types of Reports

    Assessment reports come in a variety of formats (e.g., graphs, percentiles, graphics, t-scores, gender specific or combined norms, narrative descriptions). Reflecting on the reports received for the assessment tools you've completed or reviewed, can you discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different types of reports.

    Microskills 3

    Briefly explain why "checking in" with clients is beneficial. Then, describe one to two instances in which a counselor should "check-in" with a client during the course of therapy, and explain why. Be specific.

    Validity of Psychological Assessments

    Users of psychometric tests are concerned about the validity of a tool (i.e., does it measure what it says it does?). There are several types of validity, including: Face Content Criterion-related Construct Treatment.

    Development of psychological testing

    Write a 900-word response exploring your selected event and its historical roots. In your paper, explain why the event is significant and how it has affected the development of psychological testing in the 21st century. Select a significant event in the development of psychological testing, such as the Chinese use of essay ex

    Psychological Assessment- Tools

    All five of the below copied assessment tools can be administered online, each of them has different characteristics (e.g., response options, length, theoretical foundation, psychometric properties). Drawing from your own experiences, readings, and supplementary resources, can you discuss from a client's perspective what you l

    Psychological Assessment Tools

    In relation to the below copied five assessment instruments, can you discuss the various presenting issues that these tools might be useful for? Drawing from your own experiences, readings, and supplementary resources, what cautions and considerations do you have about adding these tools to your counseling toolkit? OSI-R (Oc

    Norms in Psychological Assessments

    The issue most commonly raised when criticizing the choice of an assessment tool is whether or not it was normed appropriately. In Canada, we find that most of the tests weren't normed on our population (e.g., although some Canadians may have been included in the norm group, most of the tests that we have access to have been

    Psychological Assessment - Statistical Comparisons: Correlation

    In working with psychometric instruments, we are always very concerned about the reliability of the test. There are several types of reliability: â?¢Test-retest â?¢Alternate form â?¢Internal consistency â?¢Inter-item consistency â?¢Profile reliability Many assessment results are reported with a "standard error

    The solution to Psychological Assessment

    Criteria for Selecting Appropriate Assessment Tools There are a wide variety of assessment tools available. Based on your readings in this area and professional/personal experience, can you discuss the criteria that you would use to select appropriate tools for your clients.

    Counselors Use of Psychometric Assessment Tools

    Some counselors rely extensively on psychometric assessment tools while other counselors rarely use them. Based on your readings and professional/personal experience, can you discuss the pros and cons of using standardized tools?

    Evolution of Psychology

    How have World War I and World War II affected the evolution of psychology, especially psychological testing?

    Psychological testing

    (200 word count) The book excerpt John Steinbeck - Quotes from the Log of The Sea of Cortez in Course Materials. This excerpt contains some thoughts about how we learn about things. Steinbeck discusses the specific case of how we learn about nature, but the thoughts can certainly be generalized beyond fishing. Talking abou

    Psychological Disorders

    Please explain how several causes can interact to "produce" a given mental disorder in any given person. - What is the "general formula" for the development of (any) mental illness? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you

    3 types of Psychotherapies

    Types of Psychotherapies Describe the types of mental illnesses that are best treated using the types of psychotherapies you chose. Explain why some therapies are more suited for a particular type of mental illness.

    The Nature of Neurological and Psychological Disorders

    Therapies have come a long way to help those with neurological, psychological, or neurodevelopmental disorders. Provide two cognitive and two pharmacological therapies you believe are the most promising and why. Identify what disorders they are designed to help. (300 words).

    Psychodynamic Approaches (Client Profile) Alderian approach

    Abby, a 57 year old, African American, Baptist woman who has been struggling with her husbands' diagnosis of cancer. She has been crying a lot, getting migraine headaches, sleeping and eating less. Abby seems to be blaming herself for her husband's cancer due to an outsource saying how certain foods and ways of cooking may cau