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Psychological Therapies

Psychological Statistics - Spearmans vs Correlation Coefficient

According to some child psychologists, children's success in later life can be estimated from the number of tattoos they have. The United Nations asked psychologists from a number of Pacific nations to evaluate this claim. Each researcher employs participants aged between 40 and 45. For each participant, the researcher determ

Psychological theory

How might we use our knowledge of psychological theory and research to promote a positive worldview of cultural diversity? Offer one or two specific examples.

Behavioral Change Contract Paper

Scenario for completing the behavior contract assignment: Kaine and Jayleine Kouple have been married for 20 years. They have successfully raised three children ages 35, 33, and 30 who are doing very well - John is a mechanical engineer, Joyce is an operations manager at a chemical plant, and Vince owns and operates a coffee

Psychological basic motives

Consider the artist Pablo Picasso, who would become so involved in painting that he did not eat, sleep, or associate with others for days at a time. At other times, he was driven by public adoration, wanting to outdo his rival, Matisse. How do these events compare to Maslow's theory that basic motives must be satisfied before th

Behavior Therapy

Hello. I need help in tackling the following question with regards to cognitive & behaviour therapy below. Your help & advice is greatly appreciated, Thank you very much. - 1. What are the basic assumptions of behavior theory? 2. Name two key figures who are important theorists in behavioral theory. What was (is) their fu

Research a psychological disorder

Identify a specific psychological disorder and describe the symptoms commonly associated with this disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV).

Theory of operant conditioning.

If I could please get some help I would greatly appreciate it. I am having health test done and running out of time and do not want to fall behind in class. 800 word paper in which you examine the theory of operant conditioning. In your examination, be sure to address the following items: 1 Describe the theory of operant

Psychological disorder and psychological unhealthy behavior.

Determine what constitutes a psychological disorder. Demonstrate your understanding of the topic by providing an example of a psychological disorder and an example of a psychological unhealthy behavior. Define the concept and provide sound evidence for your discussion through examples.

Mourning, Grief, and Adult Psychological Features

1. Do you think people in mourning behave differently according to their culture? In your opinion, is grief a universal emotion? 2. Since most Americans do not practice rites of passage, how do we know when adolescence ends and adulthood begins? What psychological features do we expect to see in adults?

Cognitive-Behavioural Approach

Over the past 20 or more years the primary paradigm in Clinical Psychology has gradually become the cognitive-behavioural, which is a (loose) combination of the cognitive and learning paradigms. Psychiatry has adopted a primarily biological paradigm. The previously dominant paradigm of Psychoanalysis (and to a lesser extent Huma

Psychological Constructs in an article

1. What rhetorical devices does the author use? How effective is the use of the devices? 2. List any examples of bias, fallacies, or faulty reasoning that you found in the source or article. 3. Is the author's argument good/bad, valid/invalid, or strong/weak? Explain. 4. Are any non-factual issues addressed? Is mora

Psychological testing question

Evaluate the Personality Inventory for Children test. Test name: Test use: Test scales and subscales: Population test designed for: Administration (how it is administered, time it takes to administer): Characteristics of normative sample (s): Reliability information (if the coefficients are not provided, indicate type

Psychological Testing Questions

I need help with these questions: a) Information processing theories of intelligence (sequential processing and simultaneous processing. Which intelligence test uses these concepts? b) In what ways do intelligence tests for infants and preschool children differ from intelligence tests for school children? c) mental age and

Psychological Testing

Explain each of the following terms, expressions, events, or names in terms of their significance in the context of psychological testing. The answers should be written in own words and each answer should not exceed more than 6 to 8 double spaced lines. a) Psychological tests: in what way do they differ from other types of te

Freudian limitations and need an example

What are some possible limitations of a Freudian analysis of Joe? Joe is a 19 year-old male. He suffers from bouts of depression and occasional anxiety. He states that, "I just never seem to be good enough." Joe is the caretaker of his invalid mother and two younger siblings. His father left when Joe was the only child at