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Psychological tests and measurements

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Explain major ethical, legal, and sociocultural issues as they relate to the Weschler and Stanford-Binet in particular and IQ tests in general. Be sure to include the issue of test bias.

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With the Weschler scale there has been some debate about the efficiacy of profile analysis with critics stating that the profiles hardly ever show reliable information and that the the full scale IQ score is the generally the only one that should be intepreted. This intelligence testing also proceeds from the interpretation of the I.Q., to the indexes to the combinations of subtests that measure psychologiacal constructs. To use this approach validly, an individual needs a strong understanding of the test constructs measured by the test being interpreted. There are also inconsistencies in the scoring structure of certain forms of this test and what the test likely measures which makes intepretation of some of the scores more diffucult.

Although the Stanford- Binet test was dveloped for children as young as 2 examiners should be careful in using the test to screen very young children for developmental delays or disabilities. It cannot be used to detect mental retardation in young children ages 3 and under and the scoring design may not be able to identify developmental delays in preschoolers. This test should be administered by a trained ...

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The following solution explains certain issues as they relate to IQ tests especially the Weschler and Stanford-Binet tests. It also discusses the issue of test bias.