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Psychological Therapies

Psychological testing and measures

Can you please help me answer this question in identifying sources of testing for psychology? What specific types of information can be found in the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, please explain; and the ETS Test Collection. Can you compare their strengths and weaknesses and provide information about the two? Can

Psychological tests

Imagine you are asked by your employer to evaluate a selection test for new employees. How would you assess the reliability and validity of this test?

Cognitive-Behavioral and Short-Term Psycho-dynamic Therapies

What are some similarities and differences between cognitive-behavior and short-term psycho-dynamic therapies? Including issues concerning the role of the therapist, the presence or absence of "free choice", the role of emotion, and the role of cognition. Are there any insight about either or both therapist?

Psychodynamic Orientation: Foundations

What are some evaluations of psychodynamic theory and therapy? What are some of the aspects of psychodynamic theory that may be important to therapists? How well does this approach fit with a therapist emerging/developing theoretical orientation? How is the effectiveness of psychodynamic intervention? What are the challeges or c

Psychological Distress

What is the best way to solve interpersonal problems and relieve psychological distress? Should one try to identify the original causes of the distress, as Freud did? Or should one focus on here-and-now feelings and possibilities for change, as did Rogers?

Psychological Assessment

Give an explanation of the specific steps that a therapist might need to maintain and future develop their abilities to administer, score, and interpret.

Psychological Assessment

Read the section in chapter 1 of attachment textbook about â??The Tools of Psychological Assessment. What is/are your experience(s) with these tools? If applicable, you might discuss your experience(s) in using any one (or more) of these tools in conducting an assessment in your place of employment. You may also discuss your

Analysis of a psychological case study

Session One Sondra is a thin, gaunt, 42 year old female of Hispanic heritage. Her mother killed herself when Sondra was 10 years old. Sondra was raised by her father who she describes as â??an abusive and controlling man.â? Sondra has been widowed and is currently dating a man 15 years her senior who she describes as â??a

Test and Measurments

Explain major ethical, legal, and sociocultural issues as they relate to the Weschler and Stanford-Binet in particular and IQ tests in general. Be sure to include the issue of test bias. references would be applicable

Original Psychological Cases Study

We are learning about psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. I will begin my study with psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and then apply knowledge of them in this weekâ??s assignment. I am to create a character, case study, case study analysis, and solution. I need an example of a vignette. If you need additional informa

Psychological Assessment

Give a comparison of intelligence and achievement tests for adults. Explain at least two insights and/or conclusions that can be drawn from the comparison, and explain why these tests are important. Give examples.

Psychological testing settings

Compare the similarities and differences between two referral settings in which psychological testing and assessment are used. Give rationale for why psychological testing or assessment is appropriate to use in each setting. Give specific examples to support the rationale.

Conditioning, Pavlov, and real life situations.

The concepts associated with Pavlov include conditioned response and conditioned suppression. What are these concepts? How can they be applied to a real-life situation (in addition to those that Pavlov and Terry suggest)?

Describe the organization.

The professional organization is APA American Psychological Association: briefly describe the organization; explain how this organization can contribute towards increasing my professional knowledge and abilities; and discuss how this knowledge and these abilities can impact career success.


Does psychotherapy work for all disorders listed in the DSM-IV? Identify the disorders that outcome research suggests have the best success rate.

Supporting information

Explain the use of projective techniques in psychological testing and provide an example of this type of test. Explain the difference between personality measures and measures of interests and attitudes. Cite with references APA style

Psychological Screening and Police Work

Psychological Screening and Police Work Instructions: Psychological tests, such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), have become commonplace applicant selection process of many police departments. In ideal circumstances, administrators hope that psychological screening will serve as a valid predictor of

Clinical counseling psychology overview

Discuss the history and evolving nature of clinical counseling psychology and explain the role of research and statistics in clinical counseling psychology.

Comparison & Contrast of Various Psychological Perspectives

Task: Compare and contrast the basic theoretical positions of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler,and William James. Describe the differences among their perspectives concerning the causes and nature of human psychological functioning. All that is required here is a brief summary to assist me in understanding the differing

Ethical standards in Reporting of Psychological Research

1. Discuss how these two (2) ethical considerations (8.10 Reporting Research Results & 8.11 Plagiarism) with rationale and methodology that may present themselves in research studies involving gender differences in language development of preschool children. 2. Discuss the safeguards that are taken to ensure no ethical stand

Applying the concept of falsifiability to psychological theory

Hi, I wanted to know if someone could help and guide me with completing my assignment. I need to address is the following items: Define the concept of Falsifiability. · Explain its relationship to the empirical nature of science. · Evaluate the importance of the falsifiability criterion to the discipline of psycho

Person-Centered model of helping

Prepare a response on a Person-Centered model of helping. I need suggestions, information and ideas for each section in this task to help get me started. TASK: You must integrate your learning from the course and discuss how and why you have, at this point in your development, formed your viewpoint(s). Your response m