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    Discussion of Psychological theories and concepts

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    Think of a class outside your major. Using the Gestalt principle, 'The whole is greater than the sum of the parts', describe your preconceived perception of the class, three details that you now know are different from your initial perception, and your continuing perception in spite of the details. For example if this was a bible, philosophy, biology, or history class. How would you explain this?

    In church and in convocation, announcements are made that affect you. Instead of falling asleep, you need to pay attention to them! Label and describe four techniques the speaker could use to keep your attention. What are some examples of techniques that could be used?

    Name three concepts from Vygotsky's theory and give examples of how they could help to raise your ZPD in learning.

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    The Gestalt Principle:

    This principle of visual perception was developed by a German psychologist who stated that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the part'. This principle give the description of how the individuals have the tendency of generalizing visual elements into one unified whole instead of the single units they are. Selecting a class undertaking a degree in medicine, this will be the preconceived perception of the class; the entire course will seem to be difficult at the beginning since I would look at it as a whole unit instead of the different sub-units under the course. I would also perceive some similarity in the courses with the basis that they are relating to medical issues. This is because when placed under the same category they will appear to have the same function. The other perception that I will hold is that a succeeding course is a continuation of the preceding course. This is because when I visualize the enter class I will see the sub-units in a continuous form (Mcleod, 2007).

    Three details that are different form my initial perception is that the course turned out to be easier than I thought they would be. Some sub-units handed in the class will not be the related to the main course work but just additional content. The courses in the class might not be relating in a continuous form and so the arrangement will not justify that the succeeding course is the continuation of the preceding one (How to, 2011).

    Effective Speech Techniques:

    The important thing ...

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    The solution provides a discussion on the questions listed in the original problem (see above), in particular the 'gestalt principle' as it applies to class, speaking techniques and Vygotsky's theory.