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Falsifiablility in Psychology and Research Psychology

What is the importance of falsifiability criteria to psychology? Provide examples.

How is research psychology an important sub-discipline of psychology?

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For any psychological theory to be valid it must have potential for falsifiability-the potential for the theory to be proven wrong. In psychology theories must be tested in order to prove they are true. When a psychologist or any other scienctist comes up with a hypothesis it must be stated in a way that allows for the statement to proven false. As a result the methods used to evaluate the theory must acknowledge that there is a possibility that the data retrieved will prove the theory false. This is known as the falsifiability criterion.

The predictions shown by the falsifiability criterion must be specific. They need to describe what will happen and what will not happen. When the prediction of what will not happen does in fact occur, there is a problem with the theory. It may need to be modified or changed completely. As a result the new theory is likely ...

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In this solution the importance of falsifiability in psychology is discussed. A discussion of research psychology and its importance in psychology is included in this 562 word response.