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    Optimism and Psychological Health

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    Hello, please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution.

    I am looking for some examples of negative and positive optimism on physical and psychological health for a woman executive working in the corporate world. Please provide suggestions on the follow topics:


    Stressful Situations


    Daily Hassle Measures


    Family Life

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    Humor has been medically proven to be helpful in reducing the stress that individuals experience. When an individual laughs, they release a lot of tension within the body, as well as release pleasure causing endorphins within the brain. This can be very helpful to a woman executive working under extreme stress. Stressful situations can cause a myriad of health issues for a woman executive. Stress can cause ...

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    This solution helps with a problem regarding optimism and psychological health. Concepts discussed include humor, stressful situations, self-esteem, daily hassle measure, burnout and family life. The explanation is given in 272 words.