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    Micro Skills (Check in)

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    Briefly explain why "checking in" with clients is beneficial. Then, describe one to two instances in which a counselor should "check-in" with a client during the course of therapy, and explain why. Be specific.

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    (1) Briefly explain why "checking in" with clients is beneficial.

    As I understand your statement, to check in with a client during therapy means to follow the progress of the client. First, it is beneficial in order to ensure a successful outcome. The process of counseling is never truly ended, because the objective during the counseling process is focused on change and growth. Secondly, the counselor may want to resume contact if there is further need of counseling. For instance, it would be beneficial for a counselor to check in to see if the client desires more change, and then discuss how the client will go about making that change. A check up is beneficial to make sure the client is following his or her treatment program. It can also be beneficial to check in with a client if you as a counselor /therapist must go on vacation or in case of illnesses. Checking in with the client will ensure the client that he or she has not been abandoned.

    Obviously, the purpose ...

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