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Psychological characteristics of jobs

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Please evaluate your current job using the JCM, and calculate the Motivating Potential Score (MPS).

Does the JCM give a realistic view of your job's motivating potential? Why or why not? Support your discussion with at least four sources, suitably cited and referenced.

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As you take the test, I offer my evaluation as a model:

___5___ 1. I have almost complete responsibility for deciding how and when the work is to
be done.
___2___ 2. I have a chance to do a number of different tasks, using a wide variety of different
skills and talents.
___5___ 3. I do a complete task from start to finish. The results of my efforts are clearly visible
and identifiable.
___3___ 4. What I do affects the well-being of other people in very important ways.
___1___ 5. My manager provides me with constant feedback about how I am doing.
___4___ 6. The work itself provides me with information about how well I am doing.
___3___ 7. I make insignificant contributions to the final product or service.
___3___ 8. I get to use a number of complex skills on this job.
___3___ 9. I have very little freedom in deciding how the work is to be done.
___5___ 10. Just doing the work provides me with opportunities to figure out how well I am
___4___ 11. The job is quite simple and repetitive.
___5___ 12. My supervisors or coworkers rarely give me feedback on how well I am doing the
___3___ 13. What I do is of little consequence to anyone else.
___2___ 14. My job involves doing a number of different tasks.
___2___ 15. Supervisors let us know how well they think we are doing.
___1___ 16. My job is arranged so that I do not have a chance to do an entire piece of work
from beginning to end.
___1___ 17. My job does not allow me an opportunity to use discretion or participate in decision
___5___ 18. The demands of my job are highly routine and predictable.
___2___ 19. My job provides few clues about whether I'm performing adequately.
___1___ 20. My job is not very important to the company's survival.
___1___ 21. My job gives me considerable freedom in doing the work.
___5___ 22. My job provides me with the chance to finish completely any work I start.
___3___ 23. Many people are affected by the job I do.

2. Scoring Key:
Skill variety (SV) (items #2, 8, 11*, 14, 18*) = _9__ /5 = 1.8
Task identity (TI) (items #3, 7*, 16*, 22) = __18_ /4 =4.5
Task significance (TS) (items #4, 13*, 20*, 23) = __13_ /4 =3.25
Autonomy (AU) (items #1, 9*, 17*, 21) = __12_ /4 = 3___
Feedback (FB) (items #5, 6, 10, 12*, 15, 19*) = __18_ /6 = 3___

3. Now you are ready to calculate the MPS by using the following formula:
SV + TI + TS
Motivating Potential Score (MPS) = â?"â?"â?"â?"â?"â?" Ã- AU Ã- FB= 28.65

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Psychological characteristics of jobs are offered using the JCM and Motivating Potential Score (MPS) as a model from my own experience.